Which camping gear to take in a hike?


If you are planning a camping trip you might want to think about your packing carefully. The last thing you want to do is pack to much because remember that you will have to carry your equipment all the way. The best thing to do for your expedition camping gear is to go lightweight, it will be lighter to transport and if you plan it well you can easily bring everything you need to accommodate your needs.

The most important part of your packing is to make sure everything you need is in a good and working condition. Before packing you should lay out all your equipment so you can see everything you are bringing with you on your expedition. First make sure everything is ok, second ask yourself if you are really going to use that item. Do this for every piece of equipment in your expedition camping gear. If you don’t think you are going to use it…then leave it.

Typically, expeditions are the  longer hikes , with some going for  three weeks or longer being prepared for most contingencies as well as packing light to be feeling comfy can be a big challenge. The idea here is not just to pack only the light items, but also to pack the items you will really need.

Finding a light weight family camping tent is also necessary, if you are planning on a family camping trip . Look for a tent made just for hiking and backpacking, so they will be easy to transport.

Leave Unnecessary Weight Behind

Before you start replacing all the things in your pack with lightweight items, go through your expedition camping gear and sort out anything you will not really use. If this is your first trip, it can be difficult but if you have been hiking before you know the odds of needing a particular item. If you have not used it the last two times out, you do not need it adding to the weight of your expedition camping gear.

For example, when packing no one considers putting firewood in their pack, knowing they can find that along the trail. While water is really  necessary, think about what is easier to carry heavy liters of water jugs , or water purification tablets? By looking at your camping gear with this type of same questions, you can separate” nice to have” items   from the “really needed” items and lighten your carry load.

If you are interested in making expeditions, you will soon find out that it is not about bringing tons of equipment just for your comfort but rather surviving and doing well with only the essential expedition camping gears for your survival.