Cooking While Camping Involves Planning

Cooking While Camping Involves Planning

Don’t find yourself away in the middle of nowhere and discover that you’re missing that pot or large mixing spoon that you need to prepare dinner is lying back on your kitchen counter. Planning alleviates a lot of stress that might ruin you camping adventure. Make a checklist of what you need to bring and keep it where you can review it before you leave the house.
Equipment supplies
Always pack matches and lighter fluid, these are essential for cooking weather it is to light the gas stove or start the campfire. I prefer to only camp at sites that have water and electricity so I take my gas stove and electric hot plate but still I need the matches because the grand kids love the campfire at night for marshmallows. You will need some pots and pans and a good heavy duty cast iron Dutch oven to use for roasting and a wire rack that fits in the bottom of the Dutch oven to keep what you are roasting from the direct heat. To help in cleaning take heavy duty foil with you which is also great for wrapping food in and placing on a campfire like the Boy Scouts do. If you wish to cook over a campfire then take a portable grate with you. If you use the campfire to cook then some long handled tongs are a must.
Checklist (some ideas but by all means not inclusive)
Gas stove and grill or griddle
• Several pots and pans and what I find is essential is a heavy cast iron Dutch Oven
• Long handled utensils for stirring
• Pot Holders
• Heavy Duty Aluminum foil – a must
• Coolers – at least two so that you can use one for items that you use frequently
• Eating utensils and plates preferably disposable
• Soap for washing cookware
• Paper Towels
• Can opener
• Good size tub for dish washing
• Skewers
• 5 Gallons of freshwater

Note: Most of the stuff we have come from Ozark Trail Outdoor equipment . They are inexpensive and durable. Coleman is also a very good brand which manufactures nice outdoor equipment.

Planning the Meals
Always plan you meals out before you leave home so that you have all the spices and ingredients for your meals. Places are limited around most parks that will have whatever you forget and you sure don’t want to have to improvise your menu at the last minute. Anything you can make ahead of time and freeze do so as this will keep it longer and also double as ice to keep other items cool. Use block ice as it will last longer and if you find dry ice, make sure the younger kids stay out of the cooler because it will burn if it is touched. Another thing you can do is fill old milk jugs or your empty two liter bottles with water and freeze them instead of buying ice. Take several coolers with you and use one for drinks and frequently used items so that the one you store your menu items in can remain closed and have the foods last longer. As many items as you can prepare ahead of time such as chopped vegetables do so and keep in zip lock bags.

Places where you can read and buy these outdoor stuff


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